All rentals include Helmets. Group and multiple day rates available.  Advance bookings available for groups of 7 or more. Otherwise it is first come, first served. Minimum 1 hour rental.

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes & Comfort Bikes

Mountain Bikes have knobby tires, front suspension and a more aggressive posture. Comfort bikes are, well, comfortable bikes for road cruising. These also have a front shock absorber, but are not appropriate for off-pavement riding.

$10.00 per hour
$30.00 half day (4hrs)
$40.00 full day (8hrs)




Fat Bikes
A fatbike is a bicycle with over-sized tires, typically 3.7″ or larger that are designed for riding on soft unstable terrain such as snow and sand. These bikes are built around frames with large forks and stays to accommodate the wide rims required to fit these tires.


$15 per hour
$45 half day (4 hours)
$60 full day (8 hours)

Full Suspension

Cross-Country Mountain Bikes with front and rear suspension for more serious/adventurous riders.

$20.00 per hour
$50.00 half day (4hrs)
$70.00 full day (8hrs)

Full Suspension (DH)

The Specialized Status bikes come with bigger travel. Great for riding the Sky chair to the bike park or some of the more technical down hill trails.

STATUS 1Status
$25.00 per hour
$70.00 half day (4 hours)
$90.00 full day (8 hours)


Demo 8 1
$30 per hour
$90 half day (4 hours)
$120 full day (8 hours)



Full Suspension (Demo)

Top-of-the-line full suspension and demo rides are not for the faint of heart! Try before you buy with one of our Full Suspension Demo’s.

$25.00 per hour
$70.00 half day (4hrs)
$90.00 full day (8hrs)


Kids Bikes & Trailers

$9.00 per hour
$20.00 half day (4hrs)
$30.00 full day (8hrs)


Road Bikes & “Cross” bikes

Select road and cross bikes are available by request. Call (909)866-8000 or email for availability.


Packages & Gear

All bike rentals come with a standard helmet for free.

Helmet only $8Kali padskali knee
Full Face Helmet $20
Elbow Pads $10
Knee Pads $12
Knee/Shin Pads $15
Elbow + knee combo $20

kali elbowPackages
Gear Package (Full Face, Elbow, knee/shin) $35
All Day Status Rental + gear (Full Face, Elbow, knee/shin) $115
Half Day Status Rental + gear (Full Face, Elbow, knee/shin) $90
All Day Demo 8 Rental + gear (Full Face, Elbow, knee/shin) $145
Half Day Demo 8 Rental + gear (Full Face, Elbow, knee/shin) $120


43 Responses to Rental

  1. Jay Dholakia says:

    Hi BVBikes,

    So I am planning a group camping trip to Big Bear during Memorial Day Weekend and was wondering what the rates would be for a group of around 40. We would just need one day. I would like to have an estimate ASAP so I can coordinate with my group. Also any deals for non-profit organizations?

    Vice President
    Southern California Nagar Association

  2. Liz Meakin says:

    My boyfriend and I will be staying in Big Bear Lake on the 26th April for the night and were hoping to pick up an MTB bike each for the day. We do a lot of riding, so we’ll take the best you have!! Only problem is, my boyfriend needs an XL- do you have any for rent? I take a men’s medium, so I figure you’ll have me covered!
    Look forward to hearing from you!

    • alihyde says:

      Do you need full suspension? The full suspension cost more but are better bikes. we have a M we could put you on and we could maybe demo an XL to your boyfriend.

      see you on the 26th!

  3. Jason Kim says:

    I am coming up for a camping trip on July 8th, and wanted to get some price quotes on some of your full suspension/Demo bikes. I currently have a Giant full suspension, but only have 5″ in the front and 4 in the rear, and wanted to another bike for the tougher trails in Big Bear and Mammoth.

  4. Doug says:

    What is the rate for a road bike for a full day? Size 42. Thank you. The weekend of July 16&17.

  5. Mr.Chang says:

    Hello Bear Valley Bikes

    some of my friends will go there on June 24-26 and we will need to rent several “Front Suspension Mountain Bikes & Comfort Bikes” during afternoon for just one or two hours.
    is it possible for us to go there and just rent bikes on June 24-26?
    Total numbers will be 14 to 18 persons.

    Mr. Chang

  6. Han says:

    My wife and I are coming up this weekend, wondering if you have a couple full suspension bikes we could use at Snow Summit going up the sky chair. We would need them for a half day either Saturday or Sunday June 11/12th


  7. Mike says:

    I am going to Big Bear for a conference in July, what is the cost of renting a road bike per hour? What kind are available?

  8. Cliff says:

    When do you or do you start selling off your inventory? I’m interested in a full suspension x-large. I have seen shops in Vail do this, does Big Bear do it to ? Thanks!

    • alihyde says:

      We have deals all the time on our rental bikes and older models. do you want 26″ or 29″ wheels? Call the shop or come by and we can give you more info.

  9. Hi,
    we will need 2 hardtails in May, and wonder about your longterm rental rates. We do not like the hazzle to ship bikes to Europe so we would prefer rentals to buying them…
    What will be your rates for let’s say 20 days?


  10. Werner Kaiser says:

    Right, that’s where we will need the bikes.

  11. Johanna Glaas says:

    What bikes are permitted on the Scenic Sky Chair, for down-hill mountain biking on Big Bear mountain?
    How much for 4hours rent? Including helmet?

  12. Freddi Guerrero says:

    Hi the weekend of Sept 22 I have 3 friends coming who need to rent bikes, we will need 2 smalls and an XL full suspension, what options do we have for rental? Do you only rent Epics and Cambers?

    • alihyde says:

      We do have some of the Status’ in the rental fleet, but none in Small or Medium unfortunatly. You could demo a bike and we did just get some 2013 Myka’s and Stumpjumpers. We will deffinatly get you up on the best bike(s) possible to suit you riding needs!

  13. Erick Brian says:

    Do you rent full-face helmets with the bikes?

  14. lovethybike says:

    Hi – We are looking at coming to Big Bear from New Zealand and would LOVE to do some cycling in the area. If we hire bicycles from you do you also provide maps and details of trails etc? Look forward to hearing from you.

    • alihyde says:

      Yes, we have a selection of maps available and would love to tell you about the local trails. Stop by the shop, we look forward to meeting you!

  15. Tom says:

    Hello there, I was looking to rent a road bike for a race happening next month. I’m 6’6/6’7″ and was hoping you had a bike in the 64-66 cm range. Do you have these and if so, what is pricing like?

  16. Katz says:

    Hi, I am looking for renting downhill bike at big bear. Do you have size medium for me.
    I will be there on Memorial day. Thank you!

    • alihyde says:

      Sure. We have a fleet of the Specialized Status Bikes. We are open Memorial weekend Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 9-5, first come first served on rentals.

  17. John says:

    Do you rent safety gear?

  18. Victor says:

    Do you have 26″ & 29″ enduros for rent?

  19. Dave says:

    Are you going to be open tuesday 10-29-2013? We would like to rent 2 road bikes for a leisurly trek around the perimeter of BB lake. We would arrive around 1:30 pm or so. We would stay on pavement and probably purchase a road map.

  20. Ryanan says:

    Hello, I’m looking to rent a Specialized Status this Saturday morning. What’s the earliest I can come to rent and pick up? Thanks

  21. Ryan says:

    Hello, I’m looking to rent this Saturday 10/5/2013 first thing in the morning. Are you guys open? If so, what’s needed and what’s the earliest I can come by to rent and pick up a Specialized Status bike? Thanks

  22. Cecily says:

    We will be there this Fri-Sun. Looking to rent a bike. Is the road too icy for a road bike right now? Do you have any mountain or fat wheel bikes in my size? I am a 47-48 road bike size.

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