Who We Are

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Our Story

Bear Valley Bikes was founded in 1995. The shop and team are constantly growing and advancing. The shop has developed a strong ascension with racing and the club. Our mechanics are dedicated to pushing the envelope on what is mechanically possible for athletes and constantly working to evolve the mechanics of the sport. Out of this developed our company, Speed Evolution. A brand dedicated to mechanically advancing bicycle products.

Derek Hermon, the shop owner is part of the Big Bear Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and has also served on the USA Cycling Board of directors. In 2010 The Team won an award for Rim Nordic Team of the Decade after winning the series for 5 years in a row. The reign has continued with the team dominating our local series each year. Derek and the Bear Valley Bikes team, strives to encourage and support not only our Pro team, but also as many riders as possible with an interest and a passion for the sport.

Our Process


Find the best frame and accessories that fit the need of the customer.

Idea & Concept

Discuss the build concept with the customer to make sure if fits their needs and budget.

Design & Production​

TIme to put all the research and concepts together and build the perfect bike.

Sales & Service​

The best part! Presenting the new build to the amazing customer.

New builds

Custom fit bikes

Are you ready for the perfect bike for your needs! Let us help you in the journey to find the what works for you.