Woman’s Team

Women have always been a part of the Bear Valley Bikes team, but in 2010 we decided to build a side of the team catering more to them. Our aim is to both support our current female riders as well as introduce new members to the sport and to racing. In 2011 we received our new woman’s kit. The kit was designed alongside the men’s with some subtle differences. It has a woman’s specific pad, pink instead of red and the woman’s team slogan “Bear Valley Bikes Girls Get Dirty!” We will be providing female only training rides that will be led by women. In 2012 we expanded our womens team and line of clothing. We designed a womens specific Tri tank and also socks and T-Shirts. The 2012 shop shirts read “you’ve been chicked” in reference to being “passed by a girl”! In our shop we pride ourselves in providing the best advice and a wide range of options for woman’s specific bikes and equipment. We now have a full line of women’s specific clothing for every area of the sport and make a women’s design shop shirt and tank top every year. We have women participating in road, xc, endurance, super D, Enduro and Down hill events!

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Suzie Jacques

suzie jacques

Suzie is new to the team for 2015. She is a Cat 2 racer who, until this season, has entered races on a whim and has podiumed each time. She can typically be found playing in the bike park at Snow Summit but also enjoys a good pedally ride. When asked what her favorite activities were, she said “I love to snowshoe, snowboard, hike, blah, blah, blah, but really, like so many of us who are passionate about riding, ALL I WANT TO DO IS RIDE MY BIKE!” She has competed in XC and Super D races but currently has the goal to race Cat 2 Enduro.  We’re excited to see what this winter race season has in store for her and her 2015 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon.

Heather Devito

Karen Lundgren

Cathleen Calkins

Anna Dvorak

Ellie Williams


Ronda Warden

.Louise Boyer


Liz Carrington

Stirling Elliott


Cynthia Miranda


.Denise Jayne

denise jayne.

Alison Hyde

ali hyde xc.

Sheri Mursick

Susan Maya

Rebecca ‘Bex’ Mitchell


CJ Selig

cj xc

Carolyn Popovic

Michelle Sturing

Jessica Branner

Holly Shelton

Melissa Caberea

Kim Hermon

Kim Williams

Sienna Hermon

Dede Smith

Kathy Portie

Lauren Meisenheimer

Michelle Sturing

We would like to eventually have Bio’s and Photo’s of the entire team on this page. Please email Bio’s and/or Photo’s to bearvalleybikes@gmail.com. Thanks.


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