Speed-Evolution Valves

New Colors and Sizes now in stock!

The Speed-Evolution valve stems have taken the cycling world by storm. Incase you haven’t heard about them, let me tell you a little of why they are so awesome. The valves feature a larger recessed locking O-ring and a larger internal diameter to provide for more airflow and therefore less plugging normally caused by tubeless sealant. The vulcanized base includes a raised center so that the sealant does not seep inside and a vulcanized base that is big enough to seal even a Shraeder valve! With the new 48mm and 60mm stems, there is a size for everyone that fits almost all rims perfectly. The valve core is removable to easily inflate and add sealant. Speed evolution valves are made from aluminum, about half the weight of brass, and come in cool anodized colors; gold, green, red, orange, black, blue, gunmetal and pink. With so many colors to choose from, they’re a perfect accent to a customized bike. The 60mm stems have just arrived and are available in the gun metal. The range of 48mm stems is expanding to now feature gold, red, pink, green and gun metal colors. The valves are becoming widely available at bicycle retailers worldwide, but you can always stop by Bear Valley Bikes and we can install them for you too. Alternatively, call the shop on 909-866-8000 or order online at the Speed-Evolution website.

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