November 10th saw the 3rd and final race in the 2012 12 hours of Temecula Endurance race series. It proved to be the most exciting and dramatic race of the year, and possibly the best 12 hour battle ever! Derek won the Open Duo Class racing alongside Connor McCutcheon earlier this year. He was looking for someone to race this class with him as Connor was unavailable. It was looking like a no go, so he was considering joining the KHS Cytomax team, who has dominated the 3 person open Category since the series began. John Nobil who rides for Bear Valley Bikes was set to race solo, but changed his mind and took the place on the KHS Cytomax team. It was looking like this 12 hour was just not going to happen for Derek. Suddenly, Derek received a text from superbike and supermoto champion Ben Bostrom. He was looking to put together a couple of 3 man teams, along with his brother Eric Bostrom, to challange the KHS team.
So the teams were set, Derek was to team up with Ben and another friend of his, David Gref. The other team would consist of Eric Bostrom, Oliver ‘Ollie’ Hutchinson and Chris Fillmore and they were set to challange the undefeated KHS team of Sean Donovan and Chuck Jenkins with John Nobil replacing their usual Hal Helbock who was out with a broken hand.
It was an intense day of racing and a 3 way battle to the end. After 12 hours all three had completed 17 laps of the long technical course with only minutes separating them. The results came in and Derek’s team emerged Triumphant! Derek is honored to have been a part of such an amazing day and glad his team managed to pull out the win.

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The 12 hours of Temecula is held at Vail Lake Resort, Temecula, CA. The first race of next years series will be held on January 19th 2013. For more information visit:

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