Local Riders Start the Race Season Off Well

Local Bear Valley Bike Riders made the trip down the hill to compete at Southridge USA’s SHIMANO Winter Series – Round 2. When the races went off the line the weather and conditions were perfect. Twenty minutes into the 1:30 + race the rain started and turned the race into a mud bath.

Bear Valley Bike’s Vet Pro Derek Hermon went out on a constant pace as many of the younger Pros and Vet Pro Allan Lanframboise sprinted off like rabbits. Derek maintained a consistent in the dangerously muddy conditions. The last of three laps Derek pressed the pace and nearly caught Allan by the finish line, falling short by only 60 seconds. Derek finished 2nd in the Vet Pro followed by fellow local rider Steve Kenney for 3rd place.

The Expert Men 51-58 Class was not decided until the 3rd and final lap. Bear Valley Bike’s Reggie Lamson took the early lead with David Stowell right on his wheel. Five minutes into the race David moved into first on the first sustained climb of the race. Twenty minutes later, Reggie regained the lead; only to get passed by David on the second lap on the same climb the David had taken the lead on the first lap. Just before the start of the final lap, Reggie regained the lead; and hoped the David didn’t have a third good climb left in his legs. At the top of the final major climb, Reggie had finally gapped David and rode consistently to the finish line for the win.

Other Bear Valley Bike rider Steve Engelgau went back and forth with fellow Sport Men 59+ participant Ed Mundy, only to get 2nd place by a mere 12 seconds at the finish line. Considering the local guys have limited opportunities to train during the winter, this was a great start to the season.

written by Reggie Lamson. Thanks to Bryant Mena, Called to Creation & Terry Martin for the phots.

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