Big Bear Mtb Gran Fondo & Big Bear Grizzly 100

July 26th 2014 will be the debut of the first ever Big Bear MTB Gran Fondo! The event will coincide with the Big Bear Grizzly 100, part of the National Ultra Endurance MTB series. The Gran Fondo/Grizzly 100 is a premier endurance mountain bike event offering rides from “mild to wild’ to suit all levels of rider. The event is part of the Big Bear Cycling festival which is from July 25th to August 3rd, 2014.

gran fondo 620k Sky View Route
Hop on the Snow Summit Sky Chair along with your bike for the 20K Sky View route. Enjoy a fun ride up to the top of the Resort, where you will take in beautiful sights of Big Bear Lake and San Gorgonio. This ride then follows the new Skyline Trail, which is mostly single track, across the ridgeline towards Grand View point. You may want to take a brief stop here to take in the beautiful views before descending the famous upper 1E01, or Pine Knot Trail, back to 2N08 and the finish line in the village.

gran fondo 930k Skyline Route
Challenge yourself with a little more climbing in the 30k Skyline route. Beginning in the village of Big Bear Lake you will ascend up mostly fire roads to the Famous Grand View point. Here you will take the fire road 2N10 east to eventually join Big Bears popular new Skyline trail. This will take you further east to a fabulous aid station and turn around point. The route then follows the ridge back along skyline trail westbound, taking in beautiful views of San Gorgonio. Finally, you will descend the classic upper 1E01, or Pine knot trail before joining 2N08 and heading back to the village.

gran fondo 770k Over the Top Route
The 60K route turned out to be 70.3k.  It will challenge those who want a little adventure but not quite to the Terrible 10,000 status. The route begins as the 30k does, but from 2N10 you will descend the Seven Oaks Trail.  This trail can be loose with lots of twists, turns, and steep drop offs. Fire roads will then connect you to the Santa Ana River Trail (SART), a Scenic Trail cutting along the sides of steep ridges in the Santa Ana River Valley.
The route then follows SART until you come to Middle Control Road, where it hangs a right, taking you to Seven Oaks Road.  Once on Seven Oaks Road, you will hit Radford Road.  This is a dirt climb, steep, exposed and usually very hot, but with beautiful views of Seven Oaks and San Gorgonio. Radford Climb will challenge the best rider. The event will have a STRAVA King/Queen of the Mountain competition here ($100 prize to fastest male/female times). Once back on top, you will travel the famous Skyline Trail and continue West back to the Pineknot Trail (1E01), descending back down 1E01 to 2N08, which will then lead back to the Start/Finish line for a celebration!

gran fondo 10100k Terrible 10,00 & Grizzly 100 Route
The 100K route will challenge those who want some serious adventure and over 10,000 feet of climbing. The 100k route follows as the 70k, but instead of ascending Radford straight back up to Big Bear, you will head towards Angelus Oaks. At The Oaks Restaurant there will be an awesome Aid Station. From there, you will take roads connecting you to the lowest elevation of the route at Loch Leven. This is the turn around point and it is mostly up hill from here.  Starting up Old Highway 38, it is a combination of paved road and dirt back to the SART where there is a MANDATORY HIKE-A-BIKE SECTION.   All riders will be required to dismount their bikes and carry them over a very narrow section about 20 yards long steep drop-offs on both sides.  This will take you back down Middle Control to Seven Oaks Road, through the quaint community of Seven Oaks and to the start of the Radford Road. Here you will re-join those riding the 70k route, climbing back up to join skyline and enjoy the flowy single track before descending beck to the village where the party will begin!

gran fondo 8To find out more about the Big Bear Gran Fondo and Grizzly 100, including full course descriptions and maps, visit
You can register for this event at and find out about the NUE race series at



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