Shop History

Bear Valley Bikes was founded in 1995. The shop and team are constantly growing and advancing. The shop has developed a strong ascension with racing and the club. Our mechanics are dedicated to pushing the envelope on what is mechanically possible for athletes and constantly working to evolve the mechanics of the sport. Derek Hermon, the shop owner is part of the Big Bear Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and is also on the USA Cycling Board of directors. In 2010 The Team won an award for Rim Nordic Team of the Decade after winning the series for 5 years in a row. Recently,  we launched our Women’s Team, to encourage and support the many women with an interest and a passion for the sport.


2 Responses to Shop History

  1. george morales says:

    Hey Derek I met you about six months ago at Pablos and then you decided to continue at Fridays in Riverside!! I was with my buddy Manny and Olivia the wonderful bartender !! I want a nice mountain bike I am about 5’8 medium built and very interested in a specialized bike my budget is about $600 do you have anything in mind?? any sales or specials ?? Thanks your a very cool person and I am ready to mountain bike hopefully downhill?? I appreciate your time and help it can get expensive

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