Southridge Winter Series Race #5

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Congratulations to everyone who came and raced the last of the Southridge Winter Series at Fontana. Thanks once again to Clay for some great photo’s. Check out the results below!

Bear Valley Bikes Race Results

Place Name Cross Country Category Time
1 Derek Hermon Vet Pro 01:28:56.54
5 Taylor Lamson Expert Men 19-26 01:31:23.81
4 Steve Marshall Expert Men 27-34 01:42:31.24
5 Dan Nielson Expert Men 27-34 01:42:31.42
1 Dean Swank Expert Men 51-58 01:25:40.96
3 Alex Tasch Sport Men 35-42 01:00:17.41
8 Reggie Lamson Sport Men 43-50 01:11:04.47
4 Steve Engelgau Sport Men 59+ 01:28:24.74
3 Veronica Eliasson Sport Women 34 and Under 01:32:23.59
1 Andrew Hart Over 200 Club 00:52:18.16
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